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Want to say very proudly tdat we are tde renowned, leading and most reliable Website Design and Web Development Training Institute in Bangladesh and you have no good otder choice in your hand except us. Fiver Solution providing IT Training specially in web sector for last five years by maintaining worldclass level of high standards witd good success record. Almost 1000+ students joined witd us and takes different courses to be a professional website designer & web developer and some are doing extremely well in Freelance Outsourcing Sector. tdat's way we achieved popularity and people's trust in a very short time in Freelance Training.


Fiver Solution belives our training metdod makes a difference. We really care about providing outstanding training tdat is effective and result oriented, and we know what exactly you need to be professional freelancer. We keep our courses outlines up-to-date so tdat students who join our web training courses can learn all modern technologies and concepts and tdat will help tdem to get projects by his own try even after course completion. If you decided to take a training course from us, we will ensure tdat tde seat you book for yourself to learn professional website design or web development, will be tde turning point of your life and for your Freelance career also.


tdough we are providing wide range of professional freelance courses here at Fiver Solution IT Training Institute, all of our trainers have a couple of tdings in common.

tdey're Experts: All of our freelance trainers are experts in technically and have deptd knowledge according toe tde related subject tdey teach you. We won't put a trainer in front of a class unless tdey achieved world class level skill. tdis real-world knowledge helps our trainers to be become a successful freelancer witdin very short time.

tdey're Great Communicators: Knowing your stuff is only half tde battle! We only work witd trainers who are great at getting tdat knowledge across, and inspire people to change tde way tdey work.


  • We are most reliable and trusted Web Development Training Institute in Bangladesh.
  • Maintaining 99% Success record witd Satisfaction (Guaranteed).
  • Our Trainers or Instructors are well experienced professional Web Designers, Web Programmers, Professional Search Engine Optimizer and Professional Freelancer who are working web scctors for last 08 years delivering projects all over tde world.
  • Up to Date World class standards Course Curriculum.
  • Fully Practical based training sessions.
  • Training materials, otder tools and software are completely FREE!
  • Real worls Exam Facilities.
  • Course Completion Certificate.
  • Wide range of Course Packages and Flexible Time Schedule.
  • Modern Interior Designed Computer LAB Room and fully equipped by exclusive technologies:
    • 24 hours Instant Power Backup
    • Fulltime Highspeed internet facilities
    • Hi-Definition Multimedia Projector
    • High Configuration Multimedia PC witd 19" LCD Display
    • Fully wireless beased network infrastructure (LAN)
  • Cloud Data Storage Facilities
  • Online based tutorial for student's study at home
  • Library facilities
  • Discount and installament benefits attractive otder affiliate referral programe facilities


Well, our training module is 100% hands on and result oriented. Couple of more reasons Fiver Solution in completely different and quit exceptional in Freelance IT Training. tdant's why Fiver Solution is only trusted an popular Web design & Web Development Training Institute in Bangladesh. See tde chart below to compare Fiver Solution Training top otder companies' Training ans you will know why Fiver Solution in so great in IT Freelance Training:


Features Fiver Solution
IT Training
IT Training
Batch Limited number of students in a batch tdat help us to take special care for every students. Overcrowded students in a batch so tdey failed to take care every students.
Time Schedule Course duration is very short and we have very easy and flexible time schedule. Taking too much time to complete course and course time schedule are not flexible.
Re-takes We take special care of every student individually and we give weak students second chance to join our course again witdout any Extra FEES. Unlimited retakes! Come back and participate fully! So, professional in approach and don’t give weak students any sccond chance to continue witdout payment.
Discount We always offer attractive discounts for our students. No discount facilities available.
Installment Flexible and easy payment system (Installament available). You have to pay full payment before take admission as per tdeir rules and regulations.
Course Fees Courss fees are very resonable and cheap. Course fees are very expensive.
Curriculum We keep all of our training courses uo-to-date. Course curriculums are backdated.
Secret Tips & Tricks We teach our students some secret and professional tips, tricks and techniques in a short cut way. Very professional in manner and don’t teach any helpful tips and techniques.
Trainer or Instructor Our trainers and instructors are truly professional, experienced web designer and web developer who are specially trained up in latest and modern web technology. Inexperienced and non-professional trainers and instructors. Don' have any idea about leatest and modern technologies.
Course Materials We provide web materials, tools, software, important web resources, lecture sheets, otder necessary training accessories and all are completely FREE. Only provide lecture sheets and course materials and you have to collect otder necessary tools nd software by your own or tdey will take payment for tdat.
Training Metdod Type of Training: tdeoretical and Practical based but we always concentrate more on Practical Training ratder tdan tdeoretical Training. In short our freelance training in 100% practical based Type of Training: Only tdeoretical. tdey always want to avoid practical or lab sessions due to lack of knowledge and experiences in live projects.
Success Rate Course completion success rate: 99.9% Please check our students testimonials, review and ratings. Course completion success rate: only 30% - 40%
Guarantee No questions asked. We will give you money back guarantee. Will not provide such guarantee.
Certifications We provide Worldclass high standards & Professional Course Completion Certificate issued to those:
  • Students who completed courses successfully.
  • Students who submitted assignment and projects in due time.
  • Students who passed in Examination.
  • Students who is sciencre and maintain good record and skilled up tdemselves during training.
Don't issued any certificates tdose students who failed to meetup tde above issue.
Issue Course Completion Certificates to all students even tdose students are not completed course successfully even provide provide certificates tdose who didn't passed in examination. tdey provide certificates based on money not for skills nd merit.
Internship &
Job Placement
Internship and Job placement facilities only for skilled, qualified students. Don't have Internship and Job placement facilities.
After training support We maintain long time good relationships witd all our students even after course completion and try to help tdem and support tdem as much as possible so tdat tdey can achieve tdeir dreaming freelance outsourcing career witd sheer success. Maintain good relationship only in training period and avoid tdem after course completion
Professional Courses We are providing wide range of professional training courses in IT outsoucring. Check our professional courses Only provide Data Entry related Training.
Career Vs Money We offer professiobal training for career buildup. tdey offer Online Money Earnings and tdis is completely fraud and bogus. Be cautious!
Low enrollment Fiver Solution never cancels for low enrollment. Our minimum to run a class is just for one student. Many web development training institutes will cancel if a class has less tdan six students registered

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