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Fiver Solution is leading and professional outsourcing training institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer various outsourcing courses such as: Web Design Course, Web Development Course, PHP and MySQL Course, Graphics Design Course, SEO Course, Freelancing Course, Google AdSense Course, Responsive Web Design Course for those who wants to build career in online outsourcing marketplace like: Freelancer, Data Entry Professional, Web Designer, Web Developer, Graphics Designer, Web Apps Developer, PHP Developer and for SEO expert.

These modern days it’s everyone’s dream to learn freelancing and earn money from online outsourcing jobs. First of all you need to be skilled in any of the good sector that is on demand and highest paid sector (i.e. Web Design &Development) and it’s only possible when you take outsourcing training from best outsourcing training center in Bangladesh. We are very proud to produce plenty of quality freelancer and IT outsourcing professionals who are working in online freelancing marketplace sector successfully over the years.Just visit and read our freelance student testimonials and they will tell you the true story.

Your outsourcing success will depends on quality of freelancing training you will take from freelancing training institute. While you taking outsourcing course you need to know plenty of dos and don’ts and should understand some important factors about online outsourcing sector that will bring sheer success. But one way you will get 100% success in online outsourcing in you learn outsourcing from expert freelancer personally.

Fiver Solution will guaranteed to those student who will join our outsourcing training and skill development courses in Dhaka and completed our freelancing course successfully will definitely get good result and will be able to start working successfully as a freelancer in online freelancing marketplace.At the end of ourfreelancing training course it will be very handy not only to get IT outsourcing projects easily but our quality training will show you the better ways so that you can learn how to maximize your online earnings.

Benefits of Outsourcing Training

After completed successful outsourcing training course at Fiver Solution you will getting huge benefits from our professional outsourcing training program day by day. Please have a look below and learn how powerful outsourcing sector isand how can popular outsourcing course will change your life in a magical way.

  • Bangladesh is now on top in IT Offshore Outsourcing.
  • Reputation of Bangladeshi peoples in online outsourcing is extraordinary.
  • Outsourcing is a global career and there is no boundary of limitations. That’s mean freelancers can work with same outsourcing buyers staying in hometown or even from USA while staying for study purpose.
  • There is no time frame in online outsourcing. Freelancers can work at night and even in morning if they wish.
  • No others professionals will get as much freedom as skilled IT outsourcing professionals are getting. There is no global boundary, there is no time frame.
  • Skilled Freelancers can switch between outsourcing job sectors very easily if they wish. For Example: One SEO Professional working with outsourcing SEO works for a while. Now, she or he took training in web development and gain some good experience in outsourcing web development works. Now, if she or he wish to switchoutsourcing career from SEO Professional to Web Developer, can easily be changed for maximize earnings.
  • Outsourcing professionals can do freelancing in part-time or full-time basis. Whatever they like.
  • Outsourcing career can doubled your earnings. That’s mean in online outsourcing sector you will find thousands of projects available to work with. If you have quality and world class skills in different sector in online freelancing then you can work with more projects if like to do. Outsourcing payment will be both per hour’s rates and fixed rates. Surely, after certain period of successful freelancing you will find your earnings are to times more than of your past earnings.

IT Outsourcing Career Outcomes

  • Freelancer
  • Data Entry Expert
  • IT Outsourcing Professionals
  • Internet Researcher

Anybody from any background like: businessman, job holder, student, housewife, retired person, government officer, fresher, female can learn freelancing from best freelancing training institute in Bangladesh. Future of IT outsourcing is extremely good. If you visit top outsourcing marketplace web sites such as :UpWork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, Fiverr then you will find enormous possibilities and future in Freelancing.

Training often requires specialized knowledge and experience that must be regularly updated. Outsourcing trainers at Fiver Solution are extremely skilled and experienced in freelancing. During admission our ICT Trainers will show their experience certificate along with specialized educational training certificate. Our Freelancing trainers also showing their completed outsourcing project portfolio and even our outsourcing instructors will show you their outsourcing profile and activity. No other outsourcing training institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh, wouldn’t love to show their own profile during admission. Big strength is out ITC trainers are directly involved in IT outsourcing works and that will be great advantage for you to learn and get skilled in care of our experienced Freelancing Professionals.

So, please don’t hesitate! Don’t waste your valuable time. Take Outsourcing Training; learn freelancing from our expert freelancer. Earn money from online as much as you can.

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Course Duration: 1 Month
Class Duration: 1:30 Hours
Class Per Week: 2 / 3
Session: Morning / Evening

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Experience: 12 Years
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